Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hair Made Beautiful's New Logo

I'm a very excited girl.  I recently won a contest at, where I got a custom-made logo!  I've wanted one forever, but could never afford it.  Maribel has worked hard, and I now have something beautiful!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

You mean your hair isn't supposed to feel like hay?

I'm a little over a week out from my haircut, and the beginning of healthy hair.

I've found that my hair doesn't feel terrible to run my fingers through it, and even when I put products on my hair, it's not weighed down as much as it's been in the past.

I'm not sure if the chemical make-up of my hair has changed, or if it's because my hair is so short, I'm always running my fingers through it, but it's very oily.  From Scalp to to ends, it's very oily, and it's causing my hair to come up with some strange hair styles.  :) 

But I also have to say because my hair seems to be rid of that dead stuff, my hair is more prone to do weird things, like get stuck standing up.  I think before, my hair was so heavy and unhealthy, no matter how much hairspray, gel, mouse, blow-drying, etc., it would never stand up.  It was always weighed down.

This is what Rosa gave me to fix my mess of a mop of hair.  Joico's K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner.  These products work to smooth over your damaged hair with Keratin. 

I'm also using "It's a 10" mask on my hair for 10 minutes every 4 days.  This is what sexy looks like while the mask is on.  The great thing.... with the cap, I can wander around my house and vacuum if I feel like it.

And this is my hair, after shampoo, conditioner, mask, Products, and a hair dryer.  Yes, I know it looks horrible, but it's entirely user error.  I have no idea what I'm doing with short hair, and none of my brushes, heat tools, etc, work with no hair!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to my newest Hair Journey

If you've followed this page or managed to run into me at a show, you know I'm a nut for for Flexis.  I'm also wild, daring, and dangerous when it comes to hair. When I was in my 20s, I would dye, highlight, and perm my hair at the same time.  In my 30s, I've been known to dye my hair pink.

You know how they say that your hair ages?  It's true!  My hair can't take all the chemicals I threw in it when I was younger.  And now I'm suffering.  Last Fall, I bleached my hair, and dyed it pink.  I did a bunch of shows, which meant pulling my hair up in a french twist and letting it down up to twenty times a day.  I literally DESTROYED my hair.

"Destroyed?" you say?  "Oh, she just means it's a bit dry and needs moisture."

No, destroyed ladies.  As in my hair went from shoulder-length, to bob, to pixie cut, to now a bit shorter than a pixie... and then working on getting my hair shafts reconstructed.

So welcome to my newest hair journey.

Samantha Klosterman and Rosa Shull at Kissmett Spa and Makeup Boutique ( ( )  are the lovely ladies who are helping me in this new journey.  They will be helping me stop the damage, repair the damage, and make my hair healthier and more beautiful than it's been in years!

Kissmett is in Lovettsville, Virginia, and is a beautiful, make you feel beautiful spa.  Rosa has been with Kissmett for seven years.  After one visit with her, I think she's a miracle worker.  She has fine hair, like me, and knows the struggles a fine-haired girl faces.  She was able to show me tricks that really a grown woman should already know, but apparently I'm a dunce when it comes to haircare tricks. :)   Rosa can answer any questions you have, and was even nice enough to write down the instructions for me so I can't screw it up the minute I got home. :)

Samantha is co-owner of Kissmett and makes sure after Rosa makes your hair beautiful, your nails and face match!  I especially love that Samantha actually makes CUSTOM make-up.  If you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, she can custom make something that will help your face, not hurt it, and in the color you want!

After that, you can go visit Kimberly who can give you the spa experience you love.  Massages, Reflexology Waxing, and they also do Essential Oil Re-alignments!  I'm already thinking of an excuse to do Reflexology!

Today was the day where we looked at the damage, made a plan, and Rosa got all that bad hair off.  I'm not sure how she did it...but she cut hair off....but I look like I have more hair than I did when I came in the door!

She's also getting me started with the perfect shampoo, conditioner, recontructing treatment and oil to start making my hair the beauty we want it to be.

Rosa told me it may take 6 months to get my hair back to the length it used to be, and she promised me that together I could make my hair pink again if I wanted. *yay*  I just need to be closely supervised from now on. ;)

I just noticed that I never got a pic of Rosa and me.  That will be corrected.  I'm already trying to figure out how to go ghost hunting at her house. ;)

Sooo.... the befores.  We didn't get too close when taking the pic but you can tell it wasn't healthy.

And the after.  See...I told you it looks like I have MORE hair!!!

I can't wait to start playing with all my new products, and post pictures!  Warning.... Rosa warned me I may be mullet-bound before I get my pretty, long hair back.  Business in the front.........