About Me

About Me

Howdy! I'm Jenn, but my friends call me Pinkie. Pull up a chair!

The Short version...
I am married to my Scottish husband for a few months shy of 15 years.
We are the parents to adorable (mostly) 10 year old twin boys with Autism.
I started my business, and do all things, with a focus on family.

What makes my heart sing...
Being able to be with my boys and watch them grow.
Having a loving husband who supports me, no matter how nuts I am.
After a terrifying scare, having my father still alive to watch the boys grow up.

What makes me, me...
I'm abnormally addicted to pink.
I'm fiercely loyal & stubborn.
I love to sing & dance, even if I can do neither.
I have 11 tattoos & have plans for 2 more.
I have 18 piercings.
I love to take pictures, even if I'm terrible at it.
I am obsessed with all things Disney & most especially (my) Castle.
For my 40th B-day, we went Disney, met my Fairy Godmother & saw my Castle all lit up!
We had two cats that we recently had to put down, they were 13 and 15.
I was a hardcore, convention attending Buffy girl & still have friends I made then.
I'm a fervent #Spuffy, #Destiel, #Cockles & #Olitz girl.
I have an unhealthy love for Misha Collins.
I met my two best friends at a Supernatural convention.
I'm addicted to the high of GISHWHES & plan to participate every year.
I HAVE to watch Scandal live & my family knows not to bother me or risk death.
I learned to crochet when my father was ill & my 1st project was an afghan for him.
I once had cotton candy, pink hair (and miss it desperately).

Jamie & I rode the teacups with the White Rabbit (I was more impressed than him)!

And yeah, there's the whole obsession with Misha Collins thing.