Friday, April 17, 2015

End of Year Gifts for Teachers

Good Friday everyone!!  I've been busy working on something to make your life a little bit easier when you're shopping for Flexis.

As the end of the year is approaching, we're all thinking about end of year gifts for teachers.  We rack our brains to find something that's not another mug...or photo frame...or candle.

What about a Flexi?  Get them one that represents the school mascot. They can show their "school pride," as well as keeping that hot hair off their necks all summer! 

If you're local to WV, these specifically have the schools named, but I'm sure most schools around the country have the same kind of mascots.  

And remember, that even if you happen to purchase the wrong size, the recipient can always contact me, and I'll help them get a better size for them!  Please purchase through my link

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fixing your hair mistakes

I was a bit cranky this week, and after taking the boys to get their hair cut, I thought "What could happen if I cut mine myself?"

Have you ever uttered those words?  Worse yet, have you ever done it?

I must admit that I did.  

I thought what harm could cutting some dead bits off. Maybe it would help my hair grow, as it seems to have stopped growing again.  It wasn't as bad as it could be, but now I can't pull my hair back without half of it falling out around my face.  I'm still not entirely sure if it's straight in the back, but at least one side isn't 3" shorter than the other. :)

But if YOU want to take a go at cutting your hair, here are a few websites with good ideas that you should keep in mind.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Changes to the blog

I've been working on re-vamping the blog. I've put in the new logo, doing research on improving blogging, and making it more a reflection of me.

In the past, I tried to be all info, ask the time. And it's hard work for someone who hasn't been trained to work with hair to give advice you've never heard before.

You'll still get that, but you learn more about me, my family, Lilla Rose, and my greatest passion, gishwhes. You'll hear lots more in the coming months.

Friday, April 3, 2015

What have I learned the last year...

I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been very active lately.  After having to cut off almost all of my hair 14 months ago, I sort of lost the motivation to continue with the blog, and Lilla Rose.  It's so very very hard to demonstrate how to put a Flexi in your hair when you have none to speak of.

But I've missed the blog, and Lilla Rose.  Right before I had my hair cut off, I won the opportunity to have an absolutely gorgeous graphics package made for Hair Made Beautiful.  

I am so very pleased with how it turned out, especially when Lilla Rose wound up changing their branding a bit, and the purple silhouette is used in alot of the newest Lilla Rose marketing.

If you haven't visited my website recently, you really should look to see what's new.  There are some very beautfiul new designs, like the Ballerina design or the Star of David.

Lilla Rose has also brought back former Flexi of the Month styles and added them to be purchased every day!