Lilla Rose Fundraisers are FUN and Profitable!

Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your favorite youth group, school club, Church, Day Care, or community organization? Sure, you could put on another bake sale, carwash, or auction—but why not try something different? A Lilla Rose Fundraiser is a profitable alternative.  Lilla Rose’s Flexi Clips allow busy women to quickly and affordably put their hair on display in a matter of minutes, without subjecting your hair to damaging Claws and elastic bands. 

The most successful fundraisers are built around product sales to family, friends, and neighbors…and avoid the safety risks associated with sending children out to knock on strangers’ doors.  I’m an Independent Lilla Rose Consultant, and work with groups across the country organizing Lilla Rose fundraisers.  We are happy to work with you to run a successful fundraising campaign for your organization.    We offer a 25% commission, based on your actual gross product sales.   We provide catalogs, fliers, order forms, and information to be successful.    After the orders are processed, the product is shipped directly from Lilla Rose’s main office.    Call us now for more details! (703) 969-5292.

Why a Lilla Rose Fundraiser?
Holding a Lilla Rose Fundraiser is easy for the organization….but obviously requires participation and enthusiasm. We will provide professional service and support with all the details and logistics.  When you work with Lilla Rose, you can be confident that everyone who participates in your fundraiser will get real value for their contribution.   Please call me at 703-969-5292 for more detailed information!   Lilla Rose fundraisers have the unique capability of including both traditional fundraising activities and online ordering all for the same event.

How to Get Started
Here’s all you need to do:
  • Give me a call (Jennifer Irving    703-969-5292) for helpful hints and fundraising guidelines, or if you have questions.
  • Set your Lilla Rose fundraising goal, including event dates.
  • We will help set achievable goals if you have a total amount in mind, or by how much each participant needs to earn
  • Contact us for the order forms, brochures, and website location (, and the information you need to conduct the fundraiser.
    • We mail the materials to you with individual fundraising packets for each participant
  • Kick off the fundraiser with your organization and send out the catalogs and order forms
    • Our support and samples will help build enthusiasm for a successful event
  • Return the completed order forms and payments to us (we cover postage, of course)
  • We’ll place the order and you will receive the product within 14 days to distribute!   …and a Check for 25% of product sales!
We will guide and support you and your organization through every step of the process. We’ll make sure you have the latest Lilla Rose Fundraising catalog featuring products suited to fundraising drives.

Participant Rewards
Percentages are based on the volume of Lilla Rose products sold. Lilla Rose fundraising participants will earn 25% of all product sales for their sponsoring organization or group.  In our experience, an average fundraiser for a school choir, for example, will gross about $4,000…so that’s $1,000 earned for the fundraiser! …and we handle all the logistics of ordering and delivering the product to your location!  We’ve seen these fundraisers grow each year as participants look forward to the annual event and revenues climb.   Of course, we are not making a guarantee of gross sales…that’s up to your enthusiasm and effort…but we do guarantee the base commission of 25% !    We have seen fundraisers very rewarding for the organization with minimal involvement from the sponsor…just collect the order forms and money, mail them back to us,  and we handle the logistical details.

Working on a Lilla Rose Fundraiser is rewarding in other ways, too—nothing builds a sense of community and team spirit like working together toward a common goal for a good cause.

Choose Your Fundraiser Method:
Lilla Rose offers a variety of options—from direct on-line internet sales, personal sales to family and friends, and table displays at bazaars—so that you can select the Lilla Rose Fundraiser that suits your style.  We can also show you how to combine various methods and create a unique fundraiser that best fits your needs.

On-line Fundraisers couldn’t be easier!    We can mail (or email) you Lilla Rose fundraiser flyers that can be distributed or advertised during the event.  Your individual organization will be given a specific website address to visit. Customers will place the orders online during the dates you choose (typically 10-14 days).  The product is processed as it is entered online by each customer and shipped upon the close of the fundraiser.   When the fundraiser end date arrives, the event is closed out online, the order is finalized, and we send your organization a check for 25% of gross sales! It really couldn’t be easier. Just contact us with your chosen date. We’ll help you take care of everything else.
Direct Sale Fundraisers provide an excellent product for sale to family, friends, and neighbors.  We provide the fundraiser flyers, order forms, and Lilla Rose catalogs to be distributed to potential supporters.   Order forms and payments are returned to us, the order is placed, product is shipped to your facility and 25% of the gross amount is earned for your organization!

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