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I'm a mom of twin boys on the Autism Spectrum. My husband and I decided it's better for the family, the boys, and me to stay home with the boys. I became an independent consultant with Lilla Rose to help supplement our income.

About Lilla Rose

They make elegant, unique hair clips and other jewelry and accessories. The product that I fell in love with and caused me to become a consultant was the Flexi-Clip. It is a patented, one-piece hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby fine to extra-long and thick. It comes in 7 sizes, and enables you to do a variety of charming hairstyles! It really is a life-saver for busy moms like me, because you can do your hair beautifully in only seconds and be ready for the day!

You can purchase products at any time via my website:

Throw a Lilla Rose Party!  
You'll be the hostess and receive free products based on purchases from your friends and family.

Home Party: If you're local, I'd love to come to your house for a Lilla Rose party! You supply your friends and family, and I'll bring the Flexis for sampling, sizing, and playing! I can also provide you with an online link to your party for Long-distance friends and family to order. Contact me at 703-969-5292 to set up your party!

Online Party: You will be given a link to your party. You can send out that link to friends and family locally or all over the world! You'll also receive hostess rewards for sales made during your party. Contact me at 703-969-5292 or to set up your party today!

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