Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tips for Hair Restoration

I found an article today on Hair Restoration Ideas.

As someone who suffers from hair loss, I read anything I can.  My hope that is that maybe something you read on my blog will help you.

From all the articles I have read, there seems to be some common denominators.

1. Stress.  If you suffer from stress, it's causing your hair follicles to go into "resting phase," which ultimately will cause that hair to fall out.

2.  Sickness or surgery.  I've had surgery a few times, and stress of the body from these surgeries causes my hair to fall out.  You should already be familiar that when your sick, you hair loses its luster and shine, and falls out easily.

I'm particularly reminded of this is with my 12 year old cat.  A month ago, she lost her 11 year old "sister."  Since that time, she has lost ALOT of her hair on her back.  It's from stress.  Stress also causes her to over-bathe herself, but she started steadily losing her hair when her sister died.

When I was working at a job where I was under a tremendous amount of stress.  I lost weight, and lost hair in clumps.  Alot of the loss is from stress, but it also leads into a third common denominator for hair loss.

4.  Nutrition.  If you aren't eating well, your hair becomes damaged.  If you're not eating the proper foods, you're not getting the proper vitamins, and this causes more hair to go into the resting phase and start falling out.

Notice the common threads throughout the articles?

What do you think?

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