Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hair Tips for the Summer

With the boys out of school, I've been made painfully aware, it's summer.  With summer comes trips to the pool, day outings, sporting events, etc.  And that means, it's time for your hair to take a beating.

All those things you did to protect your hair from the frizzies during the winter?  Time to ditch them for new things to do to protect your hair from sun and chlorine.

One suggestion is to find shampoos, conditioners, and products that contain sunscreen.  I don't think those items are very common right now, but remember when no one put sunscreen in makeup?  I think by next year, it will be more widely available.

Last year was a real reminder that every time you go to a pool, to wash your hair afterward.  The chlorine can do a real number on your hair.

And the easiest solution is to do what everyone recommends for everything. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  If your body is hydrated, then your hair will be too!

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