Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Autism Awareness Month - Respite Care for Families

Autism Awareness Month, Day 9

Today, I want to talk about something that is an issue in almost every marriage, and that's the demands of being a parent of a special needs child. 

Marriages are tough in the best of circumstances, but consider the demands of trying to work, go to IEP meetings, deal with letters from the school about your child's behavior, meltdowns, cleaning up bits of string because your child has decided he's now going to slowly unravel every pair of socks he owns......

The one thing that parents need is down-time.  And it's usually the thing that gets overlooked or sacrificed the most.  After all, who is going to care for your child? You can't leave them with someone who is unaccustomed to dealing with aggressive outbursts and meltdowns. You don't want to ask your friends to deal with it.

The thing parents need most is respite care.  To have someone come for a few hours once or twice a month, to let you and your spouse get out of the house, have some quiet time, not have to deal with tantrums and fusses, to spend some time alone.

In a recent article at disabilityscoop.com, they talked about the need for respite care and how having that care available can lead to higher marital quality of life.   You can read more of the article here -

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