Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taming that Winter Hair, Naturally

It's winter again.  The time when you bundle up in scarves and hats and every time you take your jacket off, your hair crackles and sticks straight up.  Sure, you can dump chemicals into it, but is there anything else you can do?

I've always heard the old mother's tale of wiping a fabric softener sheet over your hair.  Alot of people swear it works.  I've heat to have it do anything to help my hair.

Kirsten Hudson at , has a few ideas on how to tame your hair organically, as in not using tons of chemicals in your hair.

The first suggestion is to eliminate build-up.  Ms. Hudson recommends a very simple trick to use with water and baking soda.  The purpose of this, to get all the shampoo, conditioner, and styling products out of your hair.  I haven't tried this yet, but it is a good idea.  I have baby fine hair, and even the slightest amount of product wears my hair down.

Her second suggestion is to Condition your hair thoroughly.  It is a good idea year round.  If your hair is brittle and breaks easily, you should try to condition and deep condition as much as possible.  My new conditioner is strictly for hydration.

And her third suggestion is to put a dollop of lotion in your hand and run it through your hair.  She does stay it's a quick fix and will likely be needed to be done again in about two hours.  This is one I'm not really sure about.  Lotion will most definitely weigh your hair down. And what about her earlier suggestion about removing build-up?  That has GOT to gunk up your hair. If you have thin hair, I'd think twice about trying it. But if you're in a pickle, what can it hurt.

Have you tried the dryer sheets?  Any home remedies you swear by?

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