Sunday, February 17, 2013

The little things we do to torture our hair

Our hair problems are not strictly from bad styling, instruments that are too hot, or products that strip our hair instead of helping it, there are so many things that can affect your hair's health.

One such example is something I'm very guilty of: pulling our hair back in ponytails.  When we put our hair up in elastic, we tend to make it too tight to keep our hair in place.

What does that do to our hair?

  1. The tension created by pulling our hair back like this causes hair damage.  It makes your hair shed faster. Notice all the hair that comes out with the elastics?  
  2. Pulling our hair back like this also can lead to a receding hairline, which for women that's not good!
  3. The tension from pulling your hair back also causes scalp fatigue and headaches.  I never knew why my head would hurt so much at the end of the day.
  4. Tightening our ponytails by dividing our hair in two and pulling each in an opposite direction causes breakage too.

But we must pull our hair back!  We'll go nuts with it in our faces all day!!  What are our options?

If you insist on elastic, I'd recommend the ouch-less plastic ponytail holders.  They don't do as much damage as ones with metal in the middle to hold the two sides together.  The metal just slices through your hair!

My biggest recommendation is to use Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips.  The Clips allow you to a multitude of hair styles, and can accommodate baby fine hair to long thick hair.  I've worn clips all day, they haven't fell out once, and it's so comfortable you forget you have it in.

The clip comes in 7 sizes, and I'll help you figure out what size is right for you.  Just shoot me an email and we can work together.   

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