Thursday, April 4, 2013

Autism, in Plain English

Many of us in the Autism Community, know the buzzwords, know the frustrations, know the perceptions vs. the realities, know that not all autistic children are the same.  But for someone who doesn't have a friend or family member affected by autism, sometimes the flurry of words can be confusing.

Stuart Duncan, another friend in the autism community, has posted on his blog a sort of "crash course" for autism. This is Autism, in plain English.

Please take a moment to read about what autism is and isn't, the varying degrees and manifestations of autism, and hopefully understand what our children are going through.

There is a special "Autism Awareness Party" set up.  Place orders via that link -  Right now, this party has no hostess :)  For every purchase of a "something blue" item, you will receive one ticket for the Mystery Host Raffle at the end of the party.  The more "something blue" purchases, the more chances to win being Mystery Host.
Every day I'll be posting information on Autism, as well as a picture of the day of one of the "something blue" items.

Today's item is the Cobalt Aurora Borealis Hair Sticks.

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