Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Autism?

Today is day 3 of Autism Awareness Month. 

Because both my sons have autism, I am well aware of the challenges of autism and parenting autism children.  The goal of Hair Made Beautiful this month is to educate readers on various aspects of autism and the challenges that autistic people, families, and communities face.

The number of people being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder grow every day, and I can guarantee you that even if your family hasn't been affected by autism, you know people whose lives have.

Throughout the month, I'll be continuing you post all types of information about Autism and family dynamics. I encourage you to take the time to read them all. My sincere hope is that you may learn something you didn't know before, or understand where families affected by autism come from, and to increase acceptance of our families.

To make this a bit fun, I'm also doing a contest with my company, Lilla Rose.  There is a special "Autism Awareness Party" set up.  Place orders via that link -  Right now, this party has no hostess :)  For every purchase of a "something blue" item, you will receive one ticket for the Mystery Host Raffle at the end of the party.  The more "something blue" purchases, the more chances to win being Mystery Host.

Every day I'll be posting information on Autism, as well as a picture of the day of one of the "something blue" items.

Today's item is the Sea Inspired Dolphin. 

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