Monday, March 4, 2013

Blow dry Cream

What is blow-dry creme, you ask?

I've been asking myself that for five minutes since I first learned a product existed.  I'm sure you've heard of all the new products that you can spray on your hair before using a flat irons to help protect from the heat.  But blow-dry creme?

A blow-dry creme helps your hair dry faster, your brush glide smoother, and your hair stay straight and frizz free longer. Most are packed with nutrients, UV filters, heat protectors, and help repair damage. 

I'm definitely on the lookout for some.  I need something I can use when I blow-dry that can help keep it from drying out, frizzing up, causing so much static my hair sticks to my face for a week, and hopefully help it stay fluffed up longer.

Has anyone used Blow-dry creme?  What do you think?

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