Monday, March 25, 2013

Do you practice good hair hygiene?

Now that's a question I would have never thought to ask myself before.  

I found a very good article over at about hair hygiene and every day things you can do to improve your hair.

One of their suggestions is to massage oil into your scalp.  I used to use hot oil all the time when I was younger, but over time I thought it was just a trend, and stopped buying it.  No one else ever stressed the importance of hot oil treatments.  According to the article, it's not so much oiling your hair that's important, as oiling your scalp.  By massaging it into your scalp, you help to dislodge skin particles, which will ultimately wind up as dandruff in your hair.

Another suggestion is to clean your hair tools.  I've always heard about cleaning your brush, but did you know you should also clean your combs?  That would have never have crossed my mind, but it is something I'll definitely be trying in the future.

There are a few other suggestions in the article, which make perfect sense, so you should definitely read the article.

So tell me, do you practice good hair hygiene?

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